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Curia provides you with the best possible support at the highest possible level, both strategically and operationally. With our bespoked team, we harvest the maximum from your opportunities.

  • Succession planning / Company valuation

    Have you thought of your succession? Do you know the value of your company?

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  • Financial overview / Management tool

    Do you have a complete overview of your financial situation?

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  • Start-ups

    Do you have a business idea that you would like to realise, but do not yet have an exact plan?

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  • Value-added tax

    Is value-added tax a big problem for you?

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  • Brand value

    Do you know the value of your brand, and do your customers know your market position?

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  • Inheritance law / Wills / Contracts

    Have you settled your estate, and have all legal questions been clarified?

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Those who fail to consider the future will soon run into problems.

Succession planning is a complex topic. Our team of specialists apply their experience and expertise to value your company and plan your succession, taking account of the different tax and legal aspects, so that you can feel confident about the future. Do you wish to contact our experts?
Succession planning / Company valuation

Dr. iur. Andrea von Rechenberg
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Peter Ritter
T +41 81 256 00 77


With full knowledge of your financial situation, you can successfully and independently implement your visions and introduce new business ideas. Insights from the most important control and management tools can help you take the right decisions.

Together, we analyse the background, define your objectives, and design bespoke control and management tools. Do you wish to contact our expert?
Financial overview / Management tool

Benno Schumacher
T +41 81 256 00 82


Success is rooted in having access to the right skills at the right time.

Why contact an individual specialist if you can have access to an entire team of specialists in one place? Our proven experts give you support in this most important start-up phase. Our Curia team comes straight to the point. From the strategic positioning of your brand to in-depth financial planning and the definition of management tools, we are your sparring partners on your journey to success as an entrepreneur. Do you wish to contact our expert?

Flavio Andri
T +41 81 256 00 64


Value-added tax is a challenge that we like to take on.

Ongoing changes to the law and practice require regular investigation of this material. We support you in all VAT-related questions with the best possible solutions. Do you wish to contact our expert?
Value-added tax

Linus Heini
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It's like football – only a well-oiled team playing according to a clearly defined concept can be successful.

Together with our external partners, we would like to support your company in the following areas: brand and people, strategy and implementation, organisational management and staff development, communication and change management. Do you wish to contact us?
Brand value

Linus Heini
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We can help you with our know-how and experience.

Do you wish to settle your estate, but you don't know how? Which legal questions still have to be clarified? Which formal requirements must a last will and testament meet? Or is an inheritance contract the right option? Are you part of a community of heirs and wish to settle the division? These are all questions where we will be happy to support you with our wealth of experience. Do you wish to contact our expert?
Inheritance law / Wills / Contracts

Tobias Simmen
T +41 81 256 00 48